BonV now offers the ideal 2020 Nordic Christmas Gourmet Gift for you, your loved ones, and business partners!

Our box includes:

Lingonberry Jam, Bilberry tea, Cloudberry Dessert Sauce, Reindeer Filet and optional Nordic Caviar

All products are 100% natural by artisan producers from north Sweden and Swedish Lapland.

Lingonberry Jam contains 65% berries

The Laponian forest and tundra abound with mushrooms and wild berries, such as the lingonberry, cloudberry, bilberry and arctic raspberry  – all intensely nutritious from the day and night-long sun during summer and far away from polluted areas and pesticides.

The lingonberry is a sour berry, only slightly sweet with soft flesh and goes well with many dishes for instance in Sweden and Norway, reindeer and elk steak is traditionally served with gravy and lingonberry sauce. Another use is in jam and juice, the latter being an excellent health drink, high in antioxidants, manganese, vitamins E and C and purportedly containing anti-cancer properties.

Excellent with meat, especially game, because of the slightly bitter taste and traditionally also with warm oatmeal porridge.

Net weight: 320 g

Bilberry tea

Real dried blueberries in tea

Net weight: 100 g

Cloudberry Dessert Sauce

Delightfully fresh and refined in taste, this unique cloudberry dessert sauce is at its best with vanilla ice cream and sorbet, or pancakes and waffles.

Net weight: 200 ml

Reindeer Filet

Free range Laponian reindeer meat stands out for its leanness, texture, intensive flavour and fantastic versatility. This exceptional meat is 100% organic, its production also leaves a much lower CO2 footprint than farmed beef and it is a perfect choice for the modern health-conscious consumer.

The Laponian reindeer live a free life herded by the native Sami people and the production is carefully monitored by the state, which together guarantees the absolutely highest-quality standard, animal care and a rare and very exclusive final product, highly regarded for its leanness, texture and intensive flavour, and its fantastic versatility.

The animals eat what nature provides, the feed is not treated with hormones and antibiotics and they have a low effect on the environment compared to beef and some other mass animal farming practices.


Net weight: mixed 3 kg

Optional: Nordic Caviar ‘Bleak-Roe’

Kalix Löjrom is the roe of a salmonid fish called vendace from the Bothnian Bay archipelago of the Baltic Sea in northern Sweden.

The Bothnian Bay has brackish water, a result of several large rivers flowing out into the sea. This is what makes the vendace’s caviar so special.

The fishing for harvest of Kalix Löjrom is done with the utmost care for the marine environment.

Net weight: 100 g