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BonV is the free members’ Club for those who love to live the good life!

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BonV eMagazine is your guide to the good life in Scandinavia, Spain and all the best places in between

BonV is the easy and pleasant way for you to keep up to date with travel, leisure and culinary news, get tips on food trends and top value wines, discover exciting recipes, be informed about upcoming events and more.

BonV is Scandeat’s club magazine with editorial office in France that specialises in Spain and Scandinavia in English for all readers, but purely nordic-focused editions of BonV are available in French and Dutch; publications that we hope will make more readers take a closer look at what we like the best of Europe’s most northern region.

BonV stands for Bonne Vie, Bon Vivant, Bon Voyage, Bon Vin and for all good things that put a golden frame around everyday life.

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