The benefits of reindeer meat are plenty: The taste, of course, first and foremost, is rich and flavoursome, the texture extremely tender and succulent, and the meat lends itself to many different ways of preparation.

But reindeer meat is not only extremely good to eat, it is also organic, lean, and high in B-12, omega-3, omega-6 and essential fatty acids, in short; as good for you as fish.

That is quite a statement to make about a type of meat, but we are backed up here by a 2013 article from the University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway.

In the article reindeer meat is described as containing more than double the values of some nutrients than other meats.

The article goes on to state that reindeer meat is high in the essential fatty acids that humans can only get from the foods they eat and that with a fat content of only two percent, reindeer meat is very lean.

The reindeer’s diet is given as a reason why the meat is so healthy. The animals eat mineral-rich lichen (fungi) in winter and a variety of green plants in the summer.

If you want another professional opinion about the qualities of reindeer meat, watch chef Gordon Ramsay on a visit to Lapland where he meets the Sami (the indigenous people), who breed and live from reindeer, and gets cooking. Using local ingredients such as cloudberries Ramsay makes a reindeer stew as well as carpaccio.