The Original Taste Experience – Scandinavia

The first box in our new ‘Original Taste Experience range is naturally nordic.

We have fine-tuned some of the most popular Swedish dishes to better suit conscious consumers in western Europe with great results.

Now we want more food lovers to try our authentic Gravlax and its dill & mustard sauce, Skagen salad – made with cold water shrimp and horseradish mayo, mustard Herring and a traditional cheese pie flavoured with Västerbottensost (Swedish premium cheese). The delicious and nutritious dark rye-bread delivered with the box is complimentary!

About the products:

The authentic Gravlax marinated salmon comes from selected farms in Norway and is directly after transport processed by one of Swedens leading producers the classic Swedish artisan way, with sugar, salt and dill. Tradition dictates it to be served with Swedish hovmästarsås made with mild mustard and dill.

Skagen salad is made from a classic recipe with mayonnaise and freshly hand-peeled shrimp as well as horseradish and fresh dill to get that soft and full herbal flavour.

Scandinavia is famous for marinated herring and we propose one of the most popular, the senapsill, or pickled mustard herring.

Västerbottensost had to be included as it is a national symbol for Swedish quality produce. Mature and intensely flavourful with a salty, fruity and sour taste, it is widely considered to be the premium cheese of Sweden.

We aim to supply markets in France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Spain – so hopefully to a place near you!