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Producer: Marqués de Terán, Club Albatros Golf & Wine
Region: La Rioja, Spain
Varietal: 100% Tempranillo
Alcohol content: 14%
Temperature: 16-18°C
Format: 0,75L

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Special Edition Albatros is a personally-created, exclusive wine for golfers.

This sea bird, ‘Albatros’, is used to describe the rarest golf score ever seen, the pinnacle of golfing difficulty. As opposed to the terms “Birdie” and “Eagle”, it originated in Britain and dates back to when steel-shafted clubs were brought in by Bobby Jones. It was these clubs that made an “Albatros” possible, unthinkable until then. The first of these strokes ever recorded was by John G. Ridland in September 1934, who scored two on a par-5 on the ninth hole of the Nashik course during the Western India Championship. Ridland suggested the name “Albatros”, as he was fascinated by how these birds could follow boats over very long distances.

Using Tempranillo grapes, picked by hand in 17 kg boxes and then selected, Albatros is made by starting with cold fermentation known as cryo-maceration that strengthens all the virtues of this special wine, aged for 6 months in new French oak barrels. Full aromas of ripe red fruit and stone fruits. Long and unctuous in the mouth, dense and well-structured albeit not aggressive.