Rosara Conservas

September 9, 2018

Conservas Artesanas Rosara is a Spanish company selling a variety of premium artisanally made products for refined tastes, prepared with care and without artificial additives, that excel in flavour.

The delicatessen ‘cannery’ is situated in the heart of the Navarra lowlands in Northern Spain on the banks of the Ebro River, a location that ensures excellent garden produce thanks to its favourable climate and fertile soil.

rosara artichoke (2)

Since its foundation back in 1986, Rosara’s primary objective has been to offer quality by selecting the best produce of the land, most with denomination of origin, like Navarra asparagus or Lodosa Piquillo peppers. But it is not enough to select the best produce that the land can offer if it is not properly prepared. Hence, Rosara’s preparation is careful and detailed, like roasting the Piquillo peppers over beech wood and then peeling them by hand and without water since this would affect their taste. The peppers can then be transformed in a smooth textured salsa or stuffed with cod fish; a real delicious combination.

rosara peppers preparation (3)

Rosara does not cut any corners or hold back any means or effort if they believe the product will gain in taste or quality, but natural, craftsman-like procedures take precedence all the way through. Also, none of their products contain additives of any kind that may adulterate the fine taste.

Some of Rosara’s dishes follow traditional recipes inherited through generations while others are newly created with innovative and delicious recipes such as Asparagus stuffed with lobster or Torta del Casar sheep cheese mousse.

rosara cheese (3)

Conservas Artesanas Rosara continues to ensure the same demanding level of quality for each of the new delicacies added to their ever-growing range of products, efforts which have been acknowledged with numerous awards such as the Coq d’Or (Guide des Gourmands), Shoping Presse (2009 Gourmet food & wine selection by SIAL), the International Trophy for Quality, the International Master for enterprises, the International Gold Star for Quality or the Gold Trophy in food and beverages.

rosara stuffed artichokes (2)

With specially issued certification of quality, the company, Conservas Artesanas Rosara, guarantees its clients the high quality of its products and continuity or improvements in the future – because, as they say themselves: “at Rosara, quality is not talked about, it is performed”.

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