Multi-starred chef Alain Ducasse has opened Ore, a contemporary café, at the prestigious Palace of Versailles.

On the day of his 60th birthday, the famous chef inaugurated a restaurant in the Versailles Palace, perched on the first floor of the Dufour Pavilion, overlooking the Place d’Armes and Avenue de Paris.

Ore’ is pronounced oré and means mouth in Latin, referring to service for the king’s mouth, those who were responsible for the preparation of meals served at court. With about 7.5 million visitors each year, mainly foreign, its location is perfect for this ambassador of French cuisine.

This contemporary Café (open all day from 8am to 18:30pm) offers a menu in the French spirit with quail pie, beef tartare, Jerusalem artichokes, croque monsieur (ham, cheese and bechamel toasted sandwich), guinea fowl with vine peaches and fennel, steamed turbot with truffled hollandaise sauce. There is also an ingenious selection of dishes and desserts designed specifically for ‘Princes and Princesses’ under 10 years (main course-dessert: 12 €).

At dinner, Ore is open on request, deploying a staging worthy of the splendor of the Sun King: staff in full uniform, French service, historic menus and Marie Antoinette china, reprinted exclusively, straight out of the old Royal Limoges factory.

Entrées: 14-22 €. Main courses: 20-48 €. Desserts: 6-14 €. Privatisation in the evening.
Reservations and Privatisation:
Daytime –
Evening –
Open from Tuesday to Sunday – Low season: from 08h00 until 17h30, High season: from 08h00 until 18h30
Château de Versailles
Pavillon Dufour 1st floor
Place d’Armes, Versailles 78000, France
00 33 1 30 84 12 97