Spain is famous for its top quality ham, Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, and Cinco Jotas (5J)  is one of those hams which is unrivalled for aroma, texture and taste.

Cinco Jotas is based in the famous jamón town of Jabugo, a word synonymous with the very best ham in the world. 

Here pure-bred Ibérico pigs are raised in ideal free range conditions where they have access to the best fodder, most notably acorns (Bellota in Spanish) but also herbs, wild pulses and true grass flowers. This, combined with the exercise the pigs get while searching for food, ensures that they fatten at a slower rate and allows fat to accumulate even more between their muscle fibres.

The result is a most delicious, smooth textured aromatic ham which almost melts in your mouth. The ham also contains oleic acid, an oil which aids in reducing cholesterol levels and cardiovascular risk, and is low in energy which is great for a healthy non fattening diet.

Cinco Jotas ham is made from the hind limbs of these Iberian pigs. There is an elaborate process involved to achieve the right to bear the high quality ‘5J’ label. During the production process, the ham is cooled and cut, the outer fat removed, then it is salted, cleaned, weighed, dried and cured in natural cellars, after which it still goes through a rigorous selection process to ensure that only the best pieces of ham are chosen.

5J Ham has a lingering aroma and an incomparable taste and bouquet. The ham is sliced in very thin slices with a long, sharp knife to keep its qualities of taste and aroma intact. When sliced, it has a uniform colour with myriad shiny streaks of accumulated fat. Eaten on its own or with just a little bread and, if possible, accompanied by a cold, dry sherry or a good young Spanish red wine (Crianza).

The Cinco Jotas products can be purchased in well-assorted delicatessen shops the world over. Cinco Jotas official website