Alejandro Fernández has been making wine since he was young, taught by his father, using grapes from small vineyards, and his boyhood dream was to have his own bodega.

Fernández has exceeded his dreams, now owning four bodegas  under the collective name Grupo Pesquera.

Starting small, in 1972 he acquired vineyards and a modest 16th century stone building where almost all the wine-making processes could be carried out. Three years later when he began selling the first Tinto, Fernández created Grupo Pesquera, using the name of his Spanish birthplace and the image of the town – the symbolic Archway and Tower of Pesquera de Duero – as its emblem.

Today Grupo Pesquera covers four bodegas; Tinto Pesquera, Condado de HazaDehesa la Granja, an El Vínculo, that share a passion for wine-making that has perfected over time, earning their wines worldwide recognition and many awards.

In many ways Grupo Pesquera became an international reference, a model to be followed in all wine regions all over the world. Growing up Fernández knew he would be a wine-maker in the region he was born, the now renowned Spanish region Ribera del Duero.

The wine made here tasted and looked more like the classic Rioja than the Tinto we know today: pale, soft and strongly defined by its wood character. Yet the wine from Pesquera had much more colour and body and Fernández continued this style, using the Tempranillo grape to create original wines with unique style and character, and thus achieving great success.

Grupo Pesquera’s second winery Condado de Haza comprises a chateau on the banks of the river Duero with 200 hectares of vineyards planted with prime Tempranillo vines. Since 1993 this bodega has been producing its classy wines after the bodega’s structure was re-designed so that the estate was perfect for the win-making process, with an ageing room with 3,000 new barrels and wine racks in a 200m tunnel some 30m deep underneath the vineyard, to maintain the ideal natural temperature and humidity for storing wine.

The Condado de Haza is a masterful wine with all the hallmarks of what is now considered a typical and excellent Tempranillo.
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