This small, elegant establishment provides manicures and nail finishes, as well as nail polish for kids all in a lovely stylish salon.

Fanny Lebrat founded Manucurist in 1996, and became successful with the ‘permanente‘: A nail-polish applied using an airbrush which delivers perfect nails for three weeks. 

Since 2015 the company, which now has salons worldwide, is headed by Fanny’s daughter Gaelle Lebrat Personnaz.

In Paris at Place du Marché Saint Honoré, Madeleine, then Opéra and a corner in the Printemps de la Mode department store … Each salon has its own personality and every manicure is a unique, privileged moment, done at a high, technical level with a perfect understanding of each client’s expectations.

Manucurist also has its own product-line and e-shop.