Promote yourself with Bon V is a new Scandinavian online destination for international travellers and consumers. With focus on inspiring travel, food, wine tips and as a marketplace where producers and consumers of fine food and wine can meet, Bon V attracts the modern and conscious consumer.

Exclusive community and attractive customer segment

We handpick all our partners and set our standard high when it comes to quality, service and offers. With a modern edit we create an entertaining environment which is made for stylish and clever product placement that attracts both advertiser and affluent consumer.

Together with our editors in France and Sweden, we can create everything from a simple but engaging write-up, to a full direct sales campaign, that reaches an international audience and our motivated subscribers.

International marketplace

We have created with the goal to engage and entertain international travellers and consumers in a relevant and intelligent way. We aim to do so by working with influential people, bloggers and writers, who can catch the attention of people on the go.

We want to be a good read and a safe bet when your are looking for something special, an experience to remember, whether you are travelling, or shopping from your own home couch.

And we want to be an online destination where everyone who believes that a well-informed opinion and good taste matter, can come together and share what we love the most and what’s part of our lifestyle. Thus the name that derives from Bonne Vie, Bon Vivant, Bon Voyage, or as we say it, just Bon V!