BONV.SE is a digital wine, food and travel magazine and a part of Scandeat Food & Beverage Group.  We publish inspirational information from Europe’s most popular travel destinations with special sections for Scandinavian cuisine and travel information, and Spanish food and wine culture. Bon V also offer an e-commerce service that enables our readers to discover and order selected Spanish wines directly from producers.

With editorial offices in Sweden, France and Spain, we are are well positioned to share the very best of Europe with our readers.

Special nordic editions of Bon V is available in French and Dutch, publications that we hope will make more readers take a closer look at what we like the best of Europes most northern region.

The idea of an upscale inspirational digital magazine created for conscious people who believes that ultimately everything in life comes down to good taste, was born in Paris, thus the name that derives from La Bonne Vie, Bon Vivant, Bon Voyage, Bon Vins, or as we say it: simply Bon V!

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