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Game meat Lingonberries Mashed potatoes Meatballs Reindeer meat Salmon Tartare Wild salmon roast beef smorrebrod
Dijon mustard Gravlax Gruyère cheese Kalix Löjrom Optional: Nordic Caviar Potato croquettes Reindeer Topside Worchester sauce aged cheese anchovies juice black pepper boiled potatoes breadcrumbs brioche or white bread slices brown sugar bunch of dill butter butter for frying capers caster sugar caviar cayenne pepper chicken stock chives chopped chives  chopped parsley chopped shallots  cognac cooked and hand-peeled shrimp cream crisp bread croutons crème fraîche cucumber dill dry white wine egg egg yolk egg yolks eggs fine salt finely minced shallot flour fresh or frozen and defrosted lingonberries full cream full fat milk garlic cloves grated horseradish green asparagus green beans ground chuck or sirloin ground pork ground veal hand peeled shrimp herring honey juices from searing the meat large eggs lemon lemon juice lingonberries lingonberry jam liquid cream long bacon or Serrano rashers mayonnaise medium leek milk minced beef minced pork nutmeg oil olive oil onion onions parsley pecorino romano pickle juice pickled cornichons pickled cucumbers (optional) potatoes potatoes, peeled red bell pepper red onion reindeer chuck (pre-sliced) remoulade sauce roast beef slices russet potatoes rye bread salad leaves salmon, sliced salt salt + pepper savoy cabbage leaves sea salt seasonal mushrooms sherry vinegar smoked pork belly smoked reindeer smoked wild salmon sour cream soya sauce spaghetti thick cream tomatoes unsalted butter vanilla pod veal stock water white country-style bread white pepper wholegrain mustard wild salmon, finely diced yellow onions
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