Type of Cuisine: Trendy

Delicious, fresh and low priced quality food for those who watch their health and waistline.

Cojean specializes in French high quality fast foods, with salads, sandwiches, soups, fresh fruit juices and warm plates such as quiche and risotto, to eat there or take away.

Most ingredients are organic and the menu is different every day with daily fresh produce, perfect for those who watch their health and waistline.

Best value and nutritious is the delicious, fresh and low priced quality breakfast. The breakfast formula includes a big glass of fresh orange juice, coffee or tea, a bread roll and bircher muesli.

Cojean is currently found in nine locations in Paris, below is our favourite for its location, find the others on Cojean’s website.

Cojean Marbeuf
19 rue Clément Marot, 75008 Paris, France
00 33 1 47 20 44 10