Visiting Europe’s most famous waterfront cities by water instead of land is an unforgettable experience no matter which port you choose from our list below:



You may arrive in Venice’s less-pretty outskirts, but from there you can see the ancient cities elegant palazzos and the tiny canals. Venice is an intimate place best viewed from the waterways, so be a true tourist and hire a venetian gondola and take your time!



Arriving at Stockholm means meandering through the Swedish archipelago; some 24,000 islands, islets, and skerries, dotted with typical Scandinavian red cottages. Stop off at a little island, take a blanket, picnic provisions and a bottle of wine, to enjoy – in summer at least – a never ending sunny day with spellbinding views.



This elegant white town surrounded by volcanic black beaches set off by crystal clear blue waters is perched on massive cliffs and as lovely to behold from the water as the views are from its highest point. Experiencing at least one mesmerising sunset in Santorini is an absolute must!



Many would say agree that coming into Naples via the water is preferable than by land as the Bay of Naples, particularly with the vista of the historical Mount Vesuvius, is a beautiful waterway along the Italian coast. The Port of Naples is close to Naples’ centre, so pop down for a pizza.



Dubrovnik, on Croatia’s Dalmation coast, is one of the Mediterranean’s most visited cities and you would be well advised to approach it from the water as its port offers a grand view of this medieval walled city that is listed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Boasting some of the oldest buildings in the world, and a lively historical background, Dubrovnik deserves some of your time on land for a tour through its ancient streets. Also worth a visit is the island of Lokrum, in the bay of Dubrovnik, where according to legend, Richard the Lionheart was cast ashore after being shipwrecked in 1192. The island includes a fortress, botanical garden, and monastery.



This Italian fishing village is such a beautiful town with its green hills and pastel-coloured houses. Often mentioned in movies, songs and home to celebrities, Portofino has gone from little fishing village to more of an upmarket resort but still looks incredibly charming with its colourful houses. Portofino has only a tiny, but very picturesque port, from which you can basically see the entire town.



The Golden Horn, the bay of Istanbul, Istanbul’s impressive buildings stand out, such as the Blue Mosque, Haggia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. Beautiful to look at, but to take a piece of Istanbul with you as you sail away, we recommend docking for a visit to the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul’s amazing sprawling market, and stocking up on some spices for the boat’s pantry.