Without a doubt, one of the most emblematic spaces of Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid is its Pictura cocktail bar, a sophisticated meeting point where you can taste the best cocktails in the city.

The Pictura bar, backed by a gallery of portraits in which well-known Spanish artists and creators have participated, evoking the wall of a museum from a contemporary and updated perspective, is the perfect setting for the preparation of cocktails that are as special as they are exclusive.

As the environment that contains the bar has walls decorated with gold and several large chandeliers in Austrian crystal, it was decided to dress those portrayed in costumes that match the decoration. Photographer Paula Anta visited the Baroque Art rooms in the Prado Museum (located right in front of the hotel) to choose the clothing the models would wear in the photo session, according to the works exhibited there. After this task, the costumes were made and each one, adorned with pompous dresses, hats, shirts or tunics, posed for Paula Anta in a similar way to the portrait they chose in the museum. Using the visual codes of baroque painting, Anta took the shots in colour that were later framed in gold.

Without a doubt, the Pictura is a dream for cocktail lovers, fusing the hotel’s exquisite treatment with the best cocktail offering in Europe.