One of our editors’ favourite Spanish Bodegas of 2023 is Celler de Capçanes in Spain’s Monsant wine region

Spain is according to most international wine critics and experts the most interesting wine country in the world today. To choose one Bodega for this summer was not easy, but Celler de Capçanes is a gem that we really, really like and that we want more wine lovers to discover.

So what made us choose this particular Bodega? 

When we try new wines, we always first look at the relationship between price and quality. Then we think that good summer wines should pair well with traditional dishes on the summer table, especially meat and fish from the barbecue and seasonal fresh produce. A good Spanish wine should also work well with dishes that contain several different flavours, such as buffets and Tapas.

The wines

At Celler de Capçanes we find the best box wine we’ve ever tried and some other real standouts for SEK 124-137, which is a bargain price for the quality you get.

With a female winemaker who is considered the best in Spain and the third best in the world, you can be sure that everything produced at Celler de Capçanes is of very good quality. Anna Rovira and her team create one of the nicest bodegas we have visited during the seven years we have worked with wines in Spain and the atmosphere really shines through in the house’s wines.

Celler de Capçanes is about two hours from Barcelona and an hour from the coast (Tarragona) and is definitely worth a visit if you happen to be on the Spanish east coast this summer. Green valleys and high mountains make the Montsant region even worth a special journey. Priorat which is famous for its top ranked wines is just a few kilometers away, so its a little bit of a paradise for true wine lovers. 

It therefore is our great pleasure to offer this summer’s wine box that includes:

1 × Sense Cap Cava Brut Reserva (132,00 kr)

1 × Mas Picosa Vitt 2022 (124,00 kr)

1 × Mas Picosa Rött 2021 (124,00 kr)

1 × Lasendal Selecció 2021 (137,00 kr)

1 × Mas dels Ponts Bag-In-Box 3L (299,00 kr)

We are confident that each wine in this package will amaze and delight, not in the least the most amazing Mas dels Points Bag-in-Box which has, unlike other BIB’s, matured for 12 months in oak barrels which has enriched it with the finer aromas and flavours that makes it unique for its type.”

For more about Celler de Capçanes read our article here

Vinpaket från sommarens bästa Bodega


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